Samsung Galaxy Y

I have been eager to get my hands on an android phone for a long time now. However, since I was already using an iPhone, another phone is just an unnecessary expense, thus the gadget lust was put aside.

Almost a month ago, though, someone trashed something happened to my iPhone, therefore a need for a replacement phone. Getting the latest iPhone 4s is out of the question, thus making an android phone the top choice.

Since my iPhone’s untimely demise, I have been searching for possible phone replacement. It doesn’t have to be special, as long as i could check my mail, do a little social networking sites check and of course make and receive calls and send and receive SMS.

I’ve heard Samsung makes very good android phones, with some models even rivaling Apple’s iPhones (both in terms of sales and features). The Samsung Galaxy Y is part of the Galaxy line-up albeit on the entry-level end. It is a free phone to Globe Telecom’s All Unli Plan My Super Txt 349.

Got my phone early this evening via Air 21. I took some pictures while unwrapping the package but too sleepy to figure out how to insert images for wordpress.

Will post next time.

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it has been a while since i wrote for my own satisfaction and leisure if you don’t count the scathing letters i sent. 

writing used to be a passion for me, but lately i dare say i am a little inarticulate. i am having a hard time expressing myself. (except when i’m pissed, you’ll surely get my point).

so before i go bawling my feelings out for everyone to read, let you be notified: all the succeeding entries i post make sense (even if only to me).

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