I should be working right now, but admittedly my mind is elsewhere, therefore, I am writing this instead.

I actually don’t know where to begin – if I should blame myself for expecting, or you for making me believe or the circumstances for changing us, making us different persons.


We met through a person we know in common and eventually got together. We had issues yes, but on my part I thought they were negligible (on hindsight I am not sure if your issues about me were of the same lines). I could generally say we were happy and those were good times.


We had a major setback. I would like to think I have a pragmatic approach when dealing with problems. I, in all honesty, thought I’m completely over it. I did my best to forgive you and forget about it.


We have another setback, this time it’s my doing. I made a choice, and at that time, it seemed to be the right one. Looking back though, I’m not so sure, but it’s already a done deal and we cannot pass judgement now.

I know it was my decision, and I take all the responsibility for it. I wonder though (and this is not to pass the blame) if I would have decided that way, if ACT 2 never happened.


We had separate lives, somehow they intertwined but still separate. I was ok with it, and I thought you were, too. There was no expectation on my part, and I thought neither did you. I never thought there would be resentment on how I handled things.


We could have stopped and stayed in ACT 4, but stubborn as we are, we persisted and continued to write our story. I thought you were leaning towards a pragmatic approach, since you agreed to move forward.

Another setback. We are getting so good at this. [:sarcasm:]

Ironically, you blame the previous ACTs  let’s just say, think the previous ACTs played a factor in this. I completely agree, our personality and values are shaped not by genetics, but by socio-cultural factors.

Sadly, you were not as forgiving when that was my reason on ACT 3.

Again, I wonder on hindsight how it would have worked if we stayed on ACT 4. We may have been happy and already oblivious to each other’s existence.

I guess we are on ACT 4 redux.

May we stay in this until the curtain closes.

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