It’s more fun in the Philippines

This is the latest tagline for the Department of Tourism’s campaign to market the Philippines to local and foreign travelers alike. However, one begs to know that this promise could be truly delivered in terms of better infrastructure like airports and hotels/accommodation.

I am a budget traveler like many Pinoys; I don’t really care about grand rooms which I would only sleep in at the end of the day. And of course, I would want to get my hard-earned money’s worth for everything I have to pay for. I think it ultimately boils down to service. The room might be a nipa hut, but if the service is excellent, it would be up to par with a room in Shangri-la or Hyatt, at least in my book.

I read somewhere that we should scrap New Year’s resolutions and start a Bucket List instead. I haven’t done any of the two, but I want to be able to travel alone for a change. And I am looking forward to my first solo travel – the first of many. Time to explore the Philippines!

To quote a tourism campaign from the past: Tara na, Biyahe tayo!

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One Response to It’s more fun in the Philippines

  1. Cedric says:

    See you on the road? Better yet, sama ko! Hahaha.

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