Samsung Galaxy Y unboxing and review

I have previously posted about getting a Samsung Galaxy Y for myself via Globe postpaid. Received my package in the mail last November 21, 2011.

I applied via Globe hotline (02-7301010) and if I have it correctly, all hotline applications are delivered via post. This would have been nicer though if it were available for pick-up so I don’t have to wait. Also there was a little trouble along the way because I received a call on Monday, Novemeber 14, that it would be delivered on Friday, 18th. On Friday, however, I received a call that there were some technical crap difficulty and would not be delivered until Monday, the 21st. Come Monday though, the delivery guy told me that he went to our area but was not able to find me nor our address. I thought, how strange was that? I later found out that the encoder typed my name wrong, thus when he asked around, nobody knew who I was.

Anyways, despite all these delays and mishaps, I finally got my package.

Opening the packet, it has the Samsung Galaxy Y box; it even has a Globe paper bag. lol

The box contains the following:

  • globe postpaid sim (which went to my sister)
  • phone and battery and manual
  • charger
  • usb adapter and pc installer
  • 2gig micro sd and sd adapter
  • earphones

After almost two weeks of using this phone, it is safe to say that I can now make an objective review. (five ★s is the highest)

  • form – ★★★ – the shape is typical, although the weight (it’s a little light especially if one is used to an iPhone) might surprise new users. I have dropped it three time since I got it since I keep forgetting it is in my hands. also since it is smaller than an iPhone, i needed a little adjustment on the keypad. i tend to hit the wrong letters often. also, the keyboard setting button could have been place elsewhere aside from where it is now. i keep pressing that instead of the enter key.
  • battery – ★★★ – typical too, of smartphones, they don’t last that long especially if wifi and 3G are on most of the time.
  • features – ★★★★ – despite being entry level, it is an android phone after all. it has the basic email, and social networking apps and games are available in the market. a little warning though, do not to open too many apps at the same time and end those you wont use, to conserve RAM.
  • price – ★★★★ – well i got mine for free, but regular price is between 5,800 to 6,000 pesos therefore pretty reasonable.
  • overall rating – ★★★ and a half stars – i say not bad at all.
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One Response to Samsung Galaxy Y unboxing and review

  1. when i bought mine i dont have the cd installer… and the manual i cant understand the language used…

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